Plateau Killings Condemnable no Matter the Reason– Osinbajo

Miyetti Allah

Plateau Killings: Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has joined the league of Nigerians condemning the recent attack on communities of Plateau state by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The vice president held a meeting with stakeholders of the area on Monday, June 25 where he in strong terms condemned the Killings whether retaliatory or not.

He noted that the attack by suspected herdsmen on innocent villagers is a condemnable act which everyone must ensure it ends.

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Choosing Chairs For Your Living Room

Chairs For Your Living Room

Having an exquisite living room is everybody’s dream. The living room has to look perfect with furniture that blends with your paint and taste. This is very important because that’s the first place or only place your guests get to see. People like to create lasting impressions with their living room appearance.

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NATURAL WATER RESOURCES: “Water, water everywhere but there is no water to drink”. About 70% of the earth is covered with water yet only a little percentage of that is clean and safe enough for human consumption; as little as 3%. Natural water resources can be classified under, Surface and Underground waters.

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How To Make Neem Oil From Neem Leaves

How To Make Neem Oil From Neem Leaves: Every type of remedy solution you can think of can be found in nature. It’s as if nature made provision for problems long before man knew how to combine different substances. Extracts from different parts of a plant can tackle a lot of health issues.

Neem is a medicinal plant characterized by its toothed dark green leaves and smooth, olive-like drupe fruit. The fruit encloses one, rarely two, or three, elongated seeds (kernels) having a brown seed coat. The flowers are white with a peculiar fragrant. The tree originated in India and can be in various parts of the world currently.

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Understanding Nigeria Road Signs

NIGERIA ROAD SIGNS: If you went through a good driving school, you should be able to understand common road signs. You should know which speed is applicable on any road, you are expected to understand the warning and informative signs.

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How To Transfer Data On MTN Network

Transfer Data On MTN

Transfer Data On MTN: Share and sell is a known term for transferring credit to your loved ones or selling credit from your prepaid account. Now, one of the best gifts you can give your friend is to share your data. Almost everyone is using an internet-enabled phone, so the gift of data will be well appreciated.

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Understanding the Structure of the Nigerian Financial System


Understanding the Structure of the Nigerian Financial System

Every country has a financial system that controls the growth and development of their economy. It’s important to understand this financial system especially if you are a foreign investor or you want to run a successful business in that country. Nigeria’s financial structure is much like those of many other countries, with certain local peculiarities.

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