Choosing Chairs For Your Living Room

Having an exquisite living room is everybody’s dream. The living room has to look perfect with furniture that blends with your paint and taste. This is very important because that’s the first place or only place your guests get to see. People like to create lasting impressions with their living room appearance.

Chairs are important parts of the living room. They often portray class and comes in various styles and shapes. The price depends on the quality of material used in making them.Chairs For Your Living Room

Getting a beautiful set of chair for your living room is not something you do in a hurry; Before you set out to buy a chair for your living room there are important factors to consider, these include:

  1. Room size: What is the size of your living room? Big items in a small space make the room look crowdy and less attractive. Your room size will determine the size of furniture you should go for.
  2. Room style: Do you want your living room to look classy or simple? Certain types of chairs will look out of place if they don’t match up to the room style.
  3. Chair color: Choose the color of the wood or upholstery that matches your interior even in case you want to create a bright colorful spot against the background of the interior.
  4. Chair quality: You have to decide the kind of upholstering material you want and the quality. You should go for something durable that requires no special care. Velvet, silk, satin and other luxurious materials lose their pretty look quite quickly with active usage.
  5. Your Budget: Regarding the money, it’s better to pay extra than purchasing something of a low quality that will break down within a short while.

Types Of Living Room Chairs

After considering the factors above, let’s examine the different types of living room chairs. This will help you decide the best ones to buy.

1) Armchairs are the most popular type of chair found in almost every modern living room. They are classy and attractive. Perfect when it’s necessary to create accents that are bright or have a prominent shape. Armchairs are more comfortable than regular chairs.

2) Recliners are similar to armchairs but, unlike the stiff parts, recliners are flexible. When you sit in a recliner, its back tilts with your body while the front part raises. Some of them have footrests that come out on their own when the back is moved.

3) Round armchairs are much bigger than regular armchairs. They need more space also because they are round and can’t be moved compactly into a corner. Big round armchairs are modern, stylish, and offer a lot of comforts.

4) Loveseats are not quite chairs or armchairs but also not quite sofas. They are soft and big but can give place to only two persons at a time and very closely at that. It’s a very specific item of the interior and you should purchase it only if you are sure you have a need for it.

5) Accent chairs are the ones that help to give a room a touch of some certain style, an accent. They are picked to match the existing style of the living room or create an interesting contrast. Accent chairs are divided into separate groups, which include:

  • Club chairs are designed for clubs or for people that love club seats. They are often finished in leather, genuine or imitation. These chairs provide a deep roomy seat with a low back.
  • Wingback chairs have a higher back part that reaches a person’s head and the characteristic side parts of the back that protrude forth like wings. Such a chair is a great choice for any living room because it provides comfort and even a little seclusion due to the wing parts.
  • Dining chairs are comfortable chairs with no armrests but with high backs and soft seats. They are meant to provide the entire family or their guests with comfort when they gather around a dining table. If your living room also serves as a dining room, such seats may come in handy to serve multiple purposes.
  • Bergere chairs are luxurious and exceptionally classic. They have the specific curvy and carved armrests and legs with a lot of decorative elements and bright upholstery. These are not the most comfortable chair types because of the wooden parts but certainly, they provide the richest look.
  • Lawson chairs are somewhat like the club seats, especially when they have the leather upholstering. Still, they have firmer cushions, characteristically rounded armrests, and a perfectly lined shape. They are good for a living room that’s in between high-tech and classic comfort.
  • Barrel chairs are among the coziest ones because they embrace you from all sides. They have a rounded back that curves forth to create armrests and a spacious deep seat that offers plenty of comforts. It’s another perfect universal option that would match any interior.
  • Rolled arm English chairs are characterized with rounded, “rolled” armrests and a comfortable deep seat. It’s quite large and should only be considered only if you have enough space in your living room.
  • Slipper chairs look like regularly stuffed armchairs but they don’t have any armrests. They are quite comfortable and take much less space with their ergonomic square shape. Choose them if you need something unusual in your living room.
  • Ottoman chairs are the ones that have a specific purpose: they provide rest for feet. However, today such stools can have multiple purposes. Some of them can serve as coffee tables when needed and some are just boxes where you can store things. Anyways, they are a useful piece in any living room, especially when you have an unexpected number of guests.
  • Chesterfield chairs are like small sofas because they are rather wide for a usual chair and their backs and armrests are of the same height. One of the key features of such chairs is the tufted style of their upholstering. Such huge classical items are great for big living rooms in the same style.

Choosing Chairs For Your Living Room: Choosing A Comfortable Chair

If comfort is your utmost concern, consider the following parameters:

  • Too low chairs are uncomfortable to stand up from, too high are uncomfortable for sitting in them.
  • Too tall armrests give a load on shoulders while too low ones are useless because the elbows don’t reach them.
  • The too narrow seat provides little comfort while a too wide one has too much space between the armrests.
  • The depth of the seat should make no less than 2/3 of the length of an adult person’s thigh, otherwise, there will be blood circulation problems in the users’
  • The best height of the seat is such that a person’s feet stand firmly on the floor.

When purchasing a chair, you need to sit and try the comfort on your own. If you’re buying online, you won’t have the opportunity to check out these features unless the seller will put all your specifications into consideration. Some sellers allow you to customize pieces of furniture to your taste.