Discover Amazing Football Betting Strategies

Are you tired of losing your money on Bet9ja and other betting sites? Check out these football betting strategies that will increase your chances of winning every bet.Football Betting

1) Matched Betting Strategy

Matched betting is the simplest strategy anyone can apply. This one is among safe football betting strategies, the system considers as ‘no-risk betting.’ It is also known as ‘bonus hunting’ because you use promotions and free bets offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance.” The first step of such betting is to place the qualifying bet, after that, you can bet to win.

2) Football Accumulators Offer

Accumulator bets are very popular and quite safe football betting strategy. The strategy is easy – you just bet on several matches, and the bets on each selection are multiplied, so you can win a big sum as a price. In most cases, there is no limit on the number of matches. Bookies are interested in such a betting method that is why they do various promotions of accumulator betting. But you should carefully read the rules of accumulator betting at your betting recourse.

Sometimes bookies tend to make some tricks to make more money with this strategy. In most cases, there is no big risk, to have several bets that increase your chance to win. We advise you to bet on games with at least two hours of the period between each match. In this situation, you can easily get a refund of your bet, if one selection of the accumulator loses. Remember that there are minimum price requirements and certain commission, so read the rules carefully.

3) Betfair Trading

This is the way to make money on bets even without bookmaker. Betfair Exchange service gives the ability to ‘trade’ odds like on any stock exchange. This type of trading requires experience, and one needs some time to become a success in this type of trading, but it can be quite a good way of earning money on betting exchange. There are several methods of trading: the first one is “Lay the draw.” It has become very popular. And because of that, not so profitable. So you are just laying the draw in matches. You start by selecting the match with a clear favorite then you lay the draw. This is the strategy of your win.

4) Price Boosts

Price boosts is a very popular football betting strategy. To say in a few words, the sportsbook gives you enhanced odds for a limited time. Usually, you can see such ability at betting on popular competitions. A good way to make your bets save, is to bet against the win of some team. The maximum bet can be limited, but you can find enough propositions of such betting with a boost.

5) Refund offers

Refunds, as the name suggests, mean that instead of losing money, you will get your money back in some instances, for example, if the game finishes with a result 0:0. This is a widespread example but you can find a huge number of different promotions that promise to refund your money under certain circumstances, so you just should consider such a proposition.

These are the five betting strategies available. You just need to master each strategy and save more.