List Of Igbo Food Items With Low Calories

People are conscious of the constituents of foods they consume now more than ever. With the increased awareness of the impact of calories on the health, people would rather consume healthy food than sweet food.

Igbo Food Igbo food items with low calories abound in the market and we have listed 10 of them in this article. If you’re watching your weight, it’s better to eat healthy than not to eat at all. Ascertaining the number of calories in your diet is one way you can make the right choice. You will find all the details below.

Top 10 Igbo Food Items With Low Calories | Calorie Content

Here are the top 10 Igbo food items with low calories listed in ascending order based on their calorie content.

  1. Brown rice – 111 calories in 100 grams

Brown rice, also known as Ofada or Abakaliki rice is basically a high fiber content with almost no calories. It will help you to keep the bowl movement at peak making your digestion much easier. It’s said that rice can’t make you fat at all.

Rice is just rich on carbohydrates which means energy for you. The more energy you get, the more energy you will need to use. It will certainly provide you the ability to lose weight whenever it’s necessary.


  1. Pepper Soup – 154 calories in 100 grams

Pepper soup offers many benefits. First, it contains almost no calories. Only the necessary fiber for your body and vitamins for better health. If you eat this soup at least once a week – you will not see problems with your health at all! If you suffer from coughing and sneezing, then this soup is exactly what you need!


  1. Yam Served With Fish – 294 calories in 100 grams

Fish does not have that many calories as meat or anything else. Yam served with fish pepper soup is actually a dish that you need to try at least once in your life. It’s very hot. At the same time, it contains minimum fat, but rich in dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, omega-3 fatty acids (which is extremely good for your heart). Moreover, the dish is filled with vitamins B1, C, and B6. Therefore, you will get an extreme amount of nutrients with minimum calories and fats. The fiber benefit of this Igbo food is extreme. That’s why you may need to take it every time when you are about to change your diet.


  1. Akara – 302 calories in 100 grams

Akara is also known as bean cake contains only the necessary fibre for you – exactly what you need for your low calorie diet. Moreover, Akara is very tasty and you will be filled in no time when you take this cake for yourself. The recipe for this meal is also quite simple.

Akara provides a set of proteins with almost no fat. That’s the reason why Nigerian sportsmen really like this Igbo food when they are preparing for competitions.


  1. Pap and Pop- 311 calories in 100 grams

It’s also one of the well-known Nigerian foods that may come to us from Igbo tribe. Nevertheless, it’s hard to see the origins of this food as almost every tribe in Nigeria claims that it has the original recipe. Igbos, Yorubas and Hausas, they all have some interesting recipes for this type of food. Still, there is always something common in all of them and it’s the low consistent of calories and maximum consistent of fiber.


  1. Moi Moi – 321 calories in 100 grams

It’s a delicacy made with steamed beans. It’s interesting that these beans are made with special care and you can’t ignore how good they can be for your health. Moi Moi is filled with proteins and contains just a little amount of fat. Therefore, it’s good for people who want to gain some muscles and burn fat deposits.


  1. Beans – 347 calories in 100 grams

As simple as it may sound, even if the beans were not the type of traditional food for Igbo people, they have certainly become one of them right now. Beans contain no sugar or fat at all! It’s a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals with no consequences for you.

Beans are always recommended to people who want to lose some weight and improve the bowel movement.


  1. Bean Porridge – 347 calories in 100 grams

It’s true that you can make almost everything with beans. Beans porridge is actually very easy to cook and it will take almost no time. By the way, it’s very beneficial for your health! You will be surprised how much protein you can get just from one plate of the porridge!


  1. Maize – 370 calories in 100 grams

In terms of low-calorie Nigerian food, maize can be the best choice for you. If you eat at least four pieces of maize at one time, you can be pretty full. You can try to eat the roasted maize on the streets and it’s more than enough for you to be energized for the whole day. It can help you to add a tremendous amount of energy and bioactive elements just with one course.


  1. Abacha – 373 calories in 100 grams

Abacha is one of the best representatives of Igbo food culture! It’s a traditional recipe of every African grandmother. It can be as filling as any other Igbo food item with low calories. The ingredients of Abacha are quite simple: Ehu Seeds, stock cubes, salt, onions, powdered potash, red palm oil, ugba and abacha.

From the recipe it’s clear to see that most of the ingredients are filled with fiber. Therefore, it will help you with the bowel movement. Almost no fat! What else do you need for your restricted diet? If you are looking for a flat stomach and fast healthy food to consume, then it’s your choice!


Igbo food is not the only cuisine in Nigeria. There are hundreds of different food variations with low calories you can still try out!