NIMC Card Collection Guide

NIMC Card Collection Guide

The National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, is the body responsible for registering Nigerian citizens and, issuing National Identification Number as well as National Identity Cards.

The registration process can be offline through any of their branch offices or online. The online registration is very easy. However, both methods require a long waiting time. Acquiring your plastic ID takes a lot of time, you might need to check the status of your card from time to time.

At this point, it is important to point out that, enrollment and NIMC collection of id card is free of charge for every Nigerian. To make it a much safer and quicker process one should check online on NIMC official website in advance.

NIMC cautions every Nigerian against the fraudsters that pretend to be NIMC card collection agents. For instance, such shady dealers can ask you to pay them money so as to speed up getting your NIMC card.

So be aware of the scammers and do the enrollment yourself after which you have to receive your NIMC card only at NIMC National Card Collection Centers countrywide when it is done. Remember that one can enroll only one time otherwise you will be punished.


NIMC Card Collection: Six steps of Pre-registration (Online) and registration process

You need to bear in mind that pre-registration process is the introductory step in the whole enrollment procedure and to enroll in order to obtain NIMC card an individual must be aged sixteen and above and have lived in Nigeria for two years at least. There are six easy steps to take and they are the following:

  • You need to go to the National Identity Management Commission official website and perform pre-registration visiting the Pre-enrollment section.
  • Here you have to type in all information required in each empty box and after that, you have to print a summary sheet with 2D Barcode out (you can also primarily print out the Registration Form and then write it in if it is more comfortable for you). Then you visit your most convenient NIMC Enrollment Center.
  • In the NIMC Center you are told to confirm and validate all of the data you have filled in on the system.
  • You have your signature, full-face photograph and fingerprints taken.
  • Agents of NIMC Card Collection Center scan your supporting documents (the list of all supportive documents is available on the official website of NIMC).
  • Your registration is verified and you are given two slips. They are transaction slip and NIN slip. Nonetheless, the transaction slip you have on this stage does not confirm the right of National Identification Number. And that is when your enrollment is entirely completed (if there are no errors, inconsistency or multiple enrollment of an applicant detected).
  • Having accomplished all of the steps above, you will be asked to return to NIMC Card Collection Center in 2-7 working days where you will receive your NIN as long as it has to undergo network availability, confirmation, authentication.

The NIMC card will be handed out to you within 1 year starting from the day of NIN issuance.


NIMC card collection guide

So now you have got acquainted with NIMC collection guide so you can apply for your NIMC card without any hesitation or confusion.