What APC Govt. destroyed within 3yrs is more than what military did in their many years of dictatorship- PDP Chieftain

A chieftain of Peoples Democratic part and Abuja based businessman, Barrister Bartholomew Aguma Agu has lambasted the ruling All Progressives Congress APC  for worsening the situation of Nigeria since 2015 it took over the mantle of leadership.

Bartholomew is from Okposhi Eheku, in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, but resides in Abuja has established his businesses.APC Govt

In an interview recently, the Ohaukwu stakeholder categorically stated that what APC government has destroyed in  Nigeria within three years is more than what the military government destroyed in their many years of dictatorship, stressing that it will take a good Nigerian leader 30 years to regain what APC government has lost.

He described APC government as the government of vendetta, adding that the fight against corruption is fought against perceived enemies of Buhari.

He also compared prices of commodities as well as transportation during PDP government and APC.

Adding, “There is no comparison because PDP government was the best. You need not to compare the prices of commodities.  For instance, rice under PDP was N7, 500 for 50kg, under APC government, 18000-20000, Semovita, 10kg under PDP government N750, under APC N3, 000, 10kg wheat N700, APC government N2, 800. You do not talk of yam/ beans.

Biscuits of N5 or two packs N5 under PDP are now sold at N10 each under APC. Fuel price under PDP, N87, APC, N145 per liter, kerosene under PDP was N50, APC N200 or N230 and even N250. You don’t compare transportation under PDP and APC government. 200-kilometer journey under PDP, N3, 000, under APC, N1, 200, construction companies at work with many employees under PDP government in Nigeria were above 1,300,000 (One Million, Three Hundred Thousand), under APC government only about 105,000 companies are working skeletally.

Ask me where the workers in those bankrupted companies are? That is why crime is everywhere today. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

“The present APC government has further divided Nigeria through nepotism and religious bigotry. The slogan “one Nigerian” is no longer in existence.

Previous PDP government worked hard to bring a united Nigeria. I wish to give accolades to former President Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ), who exhumed federal character regime and worked hard to make sure Nigerians have sense of belonging in his government.

If anyone commits a crime you get that person arrested successfully. And every other PDP regime followed that good step i.e. Yar’Adua, and Goodluck Jonathan, but APC government has destroyed that unity and justice, equity and good conscience for which PDP government built. In fact, APC government is a government of vendetta/victimization.

What APC government has destroyed in this country within three years is more than what the military government destroyed in their many years of dictatorship. And to regain what APC government has destroyed will take a good Nigeria leader 30 years.

He continued, “APC government even increased tariff on routine drugs. Those drugs that are taking daily either for High blood pressure, Diabetes or Tuberculosis among others, for instance, Amilodipine that was 200 naira in 2014 is presently 900 to 1000 naira. Those drugs are taking daily for control of the sickness and failure to take it may lead to death. Imaging its affordability now and how many persons that have died, added to the calculated senseless killings that are going on unabated,” Agu reiterated.

On the fight against corruption he said: ‘The Transparency International in 2010 declared Nigeria as number 6, in 2013, it declared Nigeria as the number 13 most corrupt country in the world, to show you that PDP government did better in the fight against corruption. Thereafter, in 2017 under this government, Nigeria became number One (1) most corrupt country in the world, dragging it with Bangladesh. Know ye that no one influences Transparency International, so don’t think that someone bribed them”.