25 Yoruba Female Names And Their Meanings

Yoruba Female Names: Nigerians are sentimental and religious when it comes to naming a new born baby. There is a strong belief that name follows a child and can determine destiny. Some parents follow tradition and believe a child should first be named in the mother’s tongue before attaching any foreign name.

If you’re a Yoruba parent that is searching for a beautiful Yoruba name for your girl child, you will see 25 interesting Yoruba names in this article and their meanings. You will surely find one that suits your heart desires for your child.Yoruba Female Names

25 Yoruba Female Names And Their Meanings

  1. Aanuoluwakiishi

Short form, Aanu. The meaning of the name is unfadeable God’s mercy.

  1. Abifoluwa

This name has two short variations, like Folu and Abi. The meaning of the name is born for God.

  1. Abioye

If you see this girl with this name, then she is obligated to have a good fortune. The right translation of this name is born into royalty.

  1. Adebimpe

The short version of this one of the most beautiful female names in Yoruba is Bimpe. Still, you will also like to know that it translates as the crown given to me by birth.

  1. Adedamola

It translates as crown and wealth! This girl will like to show her royal origin and ready to be wealthy in this life.

  1. Adesewa

It can be literally translated as the crown that shows the beauty. The short version of this name is Sewa.

  1. Adeyemi

A befitting name for a beautiful princess. This girl is worthy of the crown and her name speaks for that.

  1. Akanni

This name means to be the first one. This girl is a clear leader in everything. It means that you will like to know that she is on your side when it’s necessary.

  1. Araoluwa

This name can be translated as the wonder of God.

  1. Ayomide

The joy that has arrived. A man who marry this woman will be the happiest on earth!

  1. Ayowumi

This girl’s name simply means “I love joy”. Well, it seems that the character of this girl is a real fire. She is very energetic and doesn’t want to just sit still. If you are going to marry this girl, then you must be very active in every sphere of life.

  1. Ebunoluwa

She is a gift of God and her name speaks for that. Ebun is a short version of this name.

  1. Eniola

Who is the richest person on the Earth? The name can be translated as a wealthy person. It’s quite unusual for a girl, but wealth may come from different directions.

  1. Ereadura

This name can be translated as the reward of prayers. If your parents gave this name to you, then you can expect a lot of good things to happen in your life.

  1. Eriayomi

The name can be defined as the testimony of joy. It’s a real joy to have such a person near you.

  1. Ewaoluwa

Her name defines as “Beauty of God”. She is really gorgeous and there is no doubt about that!

  1. Fiyinfoluwa

The short version of this name is Folu and it translates as the Praise of God.

  1. Ibukunoluwa

She is God’s blessing. The short form is Ibukun.

  1. Ifedayo

It’s love becomes joy.

  1. Irekanmi

The short version is Kanmi and the person who bears this name will have a great luck. The name translates as “good things happen” Therefore, a person who is near her will also have a great luck!

  1. Ireoluwa

She is God’s goddess. It’s interesting how the language can define names. The person who wears this name may have some godly features. It can be described in almost everything. If it’s not beauty, then it can be the beauty of character.

  1. Iyin

This name is translated as Praise! It’s interesting how this name influences a person who wears it.

  1. Mofeoluwa

I love God. That’s how this name can be translated. It’s a person that simply loves God and everything connected with him. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that this person is very good in nature and can provide a lot to a person whom she loves.

  1. Monifa

This name can be translated as “I’m lucky”. A person who wears this name is extremely lucky. Moreover, she can traverse this luck to other people. It’s especially true for people whom she loves!

  1. Ododo

This name is translated as a flower. It might be simple, but it provides a great opportunity for a person who wears this name.

The name of every person is sacred. It represents the very beginning of the life for a person. That’s why when you expect a baby, you need to choose a name carefully.