African Charity Scholarship In 2018

Many countries in Africa still struggle to give their citizens quality education. With the level of poverty in these countries, some families can barely afford the three basic needs of life (food, shelter, and clothing), talk more about Education. Some that manage to attend, cannot compete internationally with other countries.

This challenge has brought about a lot of scholarship opportunities from within and outside these countries, to enable students to attain a good level of education.African Charity Scholarship

The African Charity Scholarship is one of the currently available programs in Africa that provides substantial support to those who dedicate their lives to studying and researching. At present, the African Charity is able to render scholarships to postgraduates and undergraduates.

The very idea of the existence of the scholarship is to support scholars in their desire to further their studies. All the postgraduates and undergraduates who are eligible for the program will receive financial support which will help improve their knowledge, skills, and qualifications up to international level.

African Charity Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria or Ghana.
  • You should be of student age and currently be studying the following areas of science:

Agriculture, Art, Basic Medicine, Building and Construction, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Physics, Law, Management, Life/Biology and Social studies.

In order to complete the application process, you need to have an active email that will be used for communication between you and the organization.

If you possess all of the above-mentioned qualities, you should proceed to the official website of the African Charity and get registered there.

African charity scholarship for undergraduates:

The registration will require your personal details and educational background details. To complete the registration, you will need scanned copies of the following documents:

  • The most recent picture of you taken against a red or white background (formats accepted are JPEG or PNG, size no more than 200Kb.
  • Admission letter (university or JAMB)
  • Examination scores (the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam) – at least 180.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Results of O’Level with Credits in Mathematics and English and three more (5 in total) received in maximum two sittings.
  • In addition to this, you should not be receiving a scholarship in another place. If you are not a university student at the time you applied, you should have an approved admission to a university (doesn’t matter which exactly).

Postgraduate Students

The registration process for postgraduate students is pretty much the same. The only differences are in the fields of study, which involve Arts, Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Law-Management, Life/Biology, Physics, Petroleum Resources, and Social Studies, and in the provided documents. Postgraduates need to provide their A’Level results as well, in addition to all other docs.

The providers of the scholarship claim that these funds are given to applicants based on their personal intellectual abilities, their leadership potential, and their desire to use the acquired knowledge for the benefit of their homeland (country) and the African continent as a whole. The providers of the scholarship expect those who will receive it to be willing to share their knowledge, skills, abilities, talents, and energy with the society.

With time, these young people are expected to become leaders in many spheres of life, the ones who will solve numerous issues in the area of healthcare, technologies, finance, and many other areas of life that need significant improvement, development, and growth in their home countries and entire Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If Im not a student, am I eligible?

Yes, you are if, you have an approved confirmation of your admission to a tertiary educational facility in your home country. The eligible ones are all students of tertiary educational facilities, undergraduates, and postgraduates.

Can I apply via email or so?

No, applications are accepted only if you apply via the website.

How would I know if my application has been received?

After you send your application, the system will send you an automatic notification. Keep in mind that some email providers treat the automatic messages as spam and so the message may be filtered away as spam. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the message in your inbox.

How can I create a profile?

You should enter the official website of the African Charity ( and create an account. The account should be verified through the email that you render and then fill in your personal information.

The information can be edited if necessary. To edit, you will need to enter your profile and send a message to an admin with the information that needs correction.

Should I pay to receive the scholarship?

In any case, you should never pay anybody to receive this scholarship. The award is given to students due to their accomplishments and skills, and nothing else. Bribes and corruption are impossible. Please, kindly study the guide to the application before starting to make sure there’s no misunderstanding.

Can I apply through somebody else?

No, every applicant applies for themselves personally.

How do the applicants receive their money?

All the funds are given to the candidates who are chosen as the best ones among the applicants exactly via the specialized MasterCard that’s assigned by the African Charity.

How do applicants receive their MasterCards?

They will receive special notifications when their MasterCards are distributed to the universities where they are going to study or within the country. The distribution will be executed by the African Central Terminal.

How much does the scholarship give?

On average, such scholarships make about $1,500 for students, about $3,500 for undergraduates, about $4,000 for studying abroad, and $10,000 for doctoral studies.

More information is provided in their website at You need to take advantage of this scholarship before its too late.