Dress Code: Get To Know The Right Dresses For Different Occasions

Dress Code: Dresses or gowns are trending in the fashion world today. The reason for this is simple, gowns are classy and one gown can suit various occasions. It’s not about having so many clothes in your closet but knowing what to wear for different occasions.

If you don’t know how to combine your clothing accessories, you will find yourself buying a new dress every now and then. There is a common mantra that says – “dress how you want to be addressed”. You can’t wear an evening dress to the office or a casual wear to a party, there are suitable dresses for different occasions.Dress Code

This article is not about having a big closet, it’s about making the most of what you have. The ultimate goal is to come out looking stylish and attractive and to achieve that, you need to have a good fashion sense.

Dress Code, Different Dresses For Different Occasions

  • Casual gowns

If you choose gown style for daily wear, buy casual dresses that have universal designs. They are comfortable, can be combined with almost any accessories and are suitable for work, shopping and many other occasions. Their main features are: simplicity of silhouette and design trimming classic colors. The additional advantage of casual dresses is the fact that they are sold in a wide assortment. Any woman can choose something suitable for herself depending on her figure and style preferences.

Casual look accessories

Complete your casual dressing with these trending accessories: hats, stylish shoes, white trainers etc.

  • Dressing for the weather

If the weather is hot and sunny, choose something very light. It may be a strapless gown with light colors. Combine it with sandals. You will feel comfortable and peaceful despite the hot weather. For cold weather, you can buy a maxi dress or dress of medium length made of dense materials.

  • Dresses for shopping

Are you going to the mall, wear something casual and light. To spice up the moment, you can even wear something sporty like jeans, T-shirts and so on. This will increase your comfort and make you feel mobile. Depending on what you’re shopping for, you might want to consider gowns that are easy to remove when you try on clothes during shopping.

  • Dresses for movie dates

Ladies can’t ignore their look when dating. They are quite choosy while searching for a dress that will make appear confident, playful and beautiful. However, there is a special approach and rule to follow when choosing a dress for a movie date. Don’t overdo it. Too bright makeup, plunging neckline or miniskirt can make a bad impression. In this case, the main rule is neatness and femininity. Moreover, it’s enough to wear a simple but nice gown, fanciful and bright.

  • Dressing for work

Every job has certain rules and principles that guide their dressing. Oour work obliges us to wear something special and different from other styles. If you are an office worker in a large company, you should follow a strict dress code. In the most cases, it implies skirt and blouse of natural and calm colors. Black dress styles are still in vogue and say a lot about your personality.

Black dress is suitable for work, holidays and even daily purposes. But if you don’t have to follow a strict dress code, there is a wide choice for you but try to make it modest.

  • Dressing for a party

Every party where you go has its own rules and dress code. The most common occasions are weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other social events. Nigerian women often choose Aso Ebi style for these events. It’s so nice when you can wear the same outfits as your family and friends. It helps to highlight your relationship. In fact, there is a wide choice in Aso Ebi styles.

It can be Ankara style, lace style dresses, Igbo style gowns. Ladies wear long party dresses more often because they look more sophisticated, elegant and charming. You can also try on beautiful poofy dresses and skirts. Perhaps, this style is one the most solemn and ceremonial. Ladies can choose different colors, lengths, and designs depending on their figure, age and preferences. It’s the most suitable for wedding events.

Remember the long evening gowns which come in different styles. They are suitable for wedding parties, birthdays, business parties. You can also combine long evening dress, Ankara or lace fabric in one style. The choice is endless.

Your dressing should always be modest and attractive. Always remember to dress how you want to be addressed.