Get To Know Davido’s Grandfather

Davido’s Grandfather: Celebrities’ biodata often starts and ends with the first generation; very little is known about their second generation, being their grandparents. Probably because there is nothing spectacular about their family background. Probing into this part of any celebrities’ life can only mean one thing – the grandparents must be influential or wealthy.

There has been a lot of rumor going on recently about who Davido’s grandfather is. Let’s find out the truth once and for all. You can also read our Post about Davidos educational Background.Davido's Grandfather

Who is Davidos grandfather?

To discover the truth, let’s start from the basics. What is Davido’s full name and where is he from?

Davido’s full name is David Adedeji Adeleke. Obviously, his father’s name is Adedeji Adeleke from Yoruba land. He is a son to the chief, Adebayo Adeleke. Yes, the same Adebayo Adeleke who created the renowned Banana Island in Lagos. So, you can see that the talented musician came from a wealthy background.

Adebayo Adeleke and Banana Island

The chief had his plan mapped out. He wanted to turn Banana Island into the most expensive resort in Africa. He didn’t hesitate to share the blueprint of his plan with people that mattered but unfortunately, they didn’t share the same enthusiasm. As a result of their opposition, the Chief had to hire a foreign construction company to carry out his bidding.

In addition to this, the chief asked the engineer Minoru Yamasaki (the author of the Twin Towers in New York) to create copies of the towers for him. While his dream has not fully materialized, one can see that he has put in a lot of efforts.  The Island is definitely a beautiful sight to behold.