APC, Bereft of Feasible Policies, Ideas

 The Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Ebonyi State, Sen. Emmanuel Onwe, has declared the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party bereft of feasible policies and ideas.

Onwe in a press statement said that APC has zero ideas, zero initiative, zero feasible policies, and zero programmes.APC, Bereft of Feasible

Adding that after three years in office it has nothing to show for it.

He said that the party as well as other opposition parties in Ebonyi are no threat to Ebonyi Governor, Engr. David Umahi.

Adding that Umahi after three years in office has no opponent in 2019 gubernatorial election.

“None presented by the APC; none by SDP, none by APGA, none by any political party of any note,” he stated.

The Information Commissioner maintained that opposition parties have neither rallied nor campaigned in any manner that has drawn the attention of anybody.

And do not have the capacity to mobilize Ebonyi citizens in either large or small setting.

“They have not empowered anyone, they have not encouraged any citizen to be productive either through their words or deeds, they are bereft of policies and have not proposed any agenda or initiatives for taking Ebonyi from its current elevated position to the stratosphere where clearly Gov. Umahi is aiming,” he stated

He maintained that the democratic will of the people will prevail in 2019 elections as they have been spectators to Umah’s achievements for the past 3years in office.

“They have seen his state of preparedness. They have witnessed him build roads, build bridges, build schools and equip classrooms, build hospitals, install streetlights, empower widows, women and the youth to build their capacities for self-reliance, take the lead in agriculture in all its departments but with particular emphasis on rice production.

“They have seen him show extraordinary prudence and tackled corruption, profligacy, and wastages to a standstill, thereby securing the limited resources accruable to the State, managing them prudently and recording stellar performances,” according to the statement

Sen. Onwe further assured Ebonyians that Gov. Umahi was well prepared for 2019, stressing he would emerge as Ebonyi Governor unopposed.

Stating:“INEC, I invite you once again to take note, this is going to be a technical knockout and we want Ebonyi people to be extra vigilant. Let the world be alert. This heavyweight champion has practically won his contest through strenuous preparation even before the first punch is thrown.

“Governor Umahi has methodically, conscientiously, prudently, technically, strategically and pragmatically reconstructed the physical characteristics of Ebonyi State and the mental constitution and self-assessment of its people. In doing so, he simultaneously mentored the opposition elements rendering them speechless, thoughtless, rudderless, witless and therefore direness”.