How To Setup Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria

Setup Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria: Setting up any business start on the paper. No one jumps into establishing an institution without brainstorming and eventually penning it down. If you’re going to involve investors or take a loan, you have to make sure your plan is well thought out and concise.

Over the years, the question has always been How To Setup Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria?

When the idea of owning a school comes to you, first, you should be eager to know everything associated with running a school and that will lead you to research. Researching about other schools, how they started, logistics involved alongside basic properties needed to start up.Setup Nursery And Primary School

During the time of research, there are key indexes that should be placed paramount viz. siting, target audience/demography, structure- human/property and competitors.

How To Setup Nursery And Primary School In Nigeria

First, you need to study existing schools, know what they have in their schools and what they are lacking; as the former will be the unique selling points of your new school. Hence, you are coming to close the gaps that are existing in other schools.

The structure of the school is another element that distinguishes a school. That is, the number of students per class/teacher and the arrangement of physical properties. The structure goes a long way to determine the level of comprehension among pupils. It is advisable to have a limited number so that the teacher will be able to manage and relate with them on the one-on-one basis. And the arrangement of properties viz. desk, chairs alongside the sitting position of the pupils can promote or alter the aforementioned.

Also, as an entrepreneur, you need to note the number of teachers you will need in the project right from the onset, not minding how many there might be at the beginning. it will serve as a guide in the journey of proprietorship.

The siting of the school should be in a place of ambiance. A place that can accommodate learning; quiet and secure. It should not be sited in an industrial area, with lots of noise billowing out there. Such is not healthy for learning. Apart from serenity, parents are concerned about the safety of their children. So, while doing your research also earmark safety a key factor. The environment should be safe for the pupils being that they are dependent beings. That is why plastic tools are predominant in nursery, since wooding or iron ones will pose as dangers to them. Even while they use these tools there should still be close monitoring.

The target audience defines a school. This factor houses the demography of the parents, considering their financial status, social and even religion. So, will the school be for the high class kids? or will it accommodate the high, middle and low? Some parents want their practiced religion to be knitted into the education of their children, while others may play down on it.  The target audience distinguishes the school from others. So, at this stage, one determines the strata of the society he or she wants to carter for.

So, at this research stage, one is gradually forming a mental picture of how the school should be, taking cognizance of the aforementioned factors. The next step after the research is to harness them into readable form, call it a business plan or proposal. The ability to convey your plans in clear, readable terms will go a long way to determine if investors will partner with you or not. And this act is learned and if you are not gifted in this, it is advisable you get the help of a writer and share your thoughts with the person. Below is a cursory sample of what a plan should contain.

Title Page – basically your business name and location

Table of Contents. It’s advised to compose the table of contents after the rest of the work is done and you know exactly what your business plan contains.

Executive Summary – not more than a page, which represents the way you see your business.

General Description of the Company – an overview of the business and the uniqueness of your services compared to the existing market.

Services – explain and describe in details, which services you are about to render.

Marketing Plan – explain the strategy of reaching the customers.

Operational Plan – explain how you are going to run your school day after day.

Management and Organization – explain and describe what the structure of your project is and its key philosophy.

Financial Plan – explain how you’re going to spend the funds received from the investors and the needs of your school. The investor wants to see your financial goals and how you plan to reach them. This part is very important and should be done by a professional.

In summary, your business plan will determine the kind of response you will receive from investors. Make it realistic and compelling.