Learn How To Tie A Turban Cap

Covering the hair with head gears has gotten more attractive with the turban cap. It is not just fashion that is trendy but it accommodates every kind of style, be it classic-chic, whimsical, avant-garde, bohemian etc.Turban Cap

Unlike other customary head wears that are selective in nature, favoring mostly traditional outfits, the turban is an all-for-all outfit, coming in different colours. Learning to tie the turban will give you the chance to spice up your look to any given tone; as turban style has come to stay.

Below is a step-to-step technique on how to tie the Turban Cap:

Step 1

First, you need to pick up a scarf. You should have at least 5–6 feet (1.5–1.8 m) of cloth, which is about 6 inches (15 cm) wide. Take the fabric and fold in half. You need to put it against the back of your head and hold the ends of the scarf in front of ears.

Step 2

After that, tie a knot with the fabric right in the middle of your forehead. You may also tie two knots to keep the scarf still. Although, be careful not to have a too massive knot; otherwise it will not be very nice, once you are done.

Step 3

After you secure the scarf on your head, twist the ends of the cloth around your head. It is better to begin from the last knot, which you tied on your forehead and continue twisting it until both ends of the fabric wrapped around the head. You should wrap it layer by layer and the layers in the front are supposed to move higher.

Step 4

In the end, just pull the scarf across your head and make any additional adjustments if needed. All of your hair is covered and you are ready to go.

The turban can come in different styles, depending on how you want it. You can even tie it to cover your hair completely or leave out some hair peeking out on the top or create other styles with bobby pins. Also, to achieve a more voluminous look, you can tie two scarfs. Plain turban can also go with a glam brooch on the side. It gives it an attractive look.

To learn how to tie the turban and be in the spotlight.