Spectranet Internet plans In Nigeria

Spectranet Internet plans: Spectranet offers one of the fastest internet broadband services in Nigeria. The company is also one of the fastest growing internet provider in the country with active presence in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.Spectranet Internet plans

The company was the first to launch 4G internet in the country. If you’re looking for a very reliable internet provider, Spectranet should be your first pick. Spectranet has so many affordable internet plans you can choose from. Check them out below;

Spectranet internet plans in Nigeria

  1. Unified Value 7 GB

It’s the data plan for starters and it’s very affordable. If you’re still trying to make up your mind whether to go with Spectranet or not, you can start from here. You will get to see how they measure up. It will cost you only N 5,000 and it’s valid for one month. At the same time, you will be granted with access to the internet 24/7 with unlimited burstable speed. Still, no additional bonuses will be provided to you.


  1. Unified Value 15 GB

Comparing to the previous data package from Spectranet, you will get twice more data. Still, no additional bonuses will be provided for you. The price for such a plan is N 7,000. The duration of this package is one month and it’s available for you 24/7. The speed is unlimited burstable.


  1. Unified Value 25 GB

The price for this data plan is N 10,000. The additional bonus for this data plan is free unlimited night browsing. You can enjoy the plan for one month. You will also get the unlimited burstable speed.


  1. Unified Value 55 GB

If the data plans above is too small, you can try the Unified value 55GB. This plan is ideal for heavy internet users. You will not need to pay much for this offer! It’s just N 20,000 per month.

Additional bonus includes free unlimited night browsing! You can access the internet 24/7 and the speed of the internet is unlimited and burstable.


  1. Unified Value 110 GB

110 GB of data for one month can be considered almost unlimited. It’s available for you 24/7. In addition, you can get free unlimited night browsing. The speed is unlimited burstable. The price for this data package is N 40,000.


  1. Unified Value 200 GB

It’s the biggest amount of data that you can get from Spectranet. 200 GB of data per one person a month is more than enough for working online, playing video games, watching movies 24/7! You will need to pay N 70,000 for your monthly subscription! You will also be provided with free night browsing. The provided speed is unlimited and burstable.


  1. Unified Nite Value 20 GB

If you work more in the night, this might be the best plan for you. You will need just N 7,500 for this option, but you must understand that you will be able to use it only from 7 pm up to 7 am.


  1. Unified Nite Value 40 GB

Another night plan. You will get 40 GB of data for all night browsing. It’s more than enough data if you work at night or plan to relax at night.


These are all the available Spectranet Internet plans in Nigeria. You can choose any that suits your needs. You can also visit their website at Spectranet.com.ng for more details.