World Bank Scholarships 2018 | Get Your Education on Track with World Bank Scholarship

Launched in 1982, the World Bank Scholarship provides the best opportunities to study all around the world. The Scholarship is open for students from developing countries.

Do you have a passion for development? Are you studying a course related to economic development? Then, you need to check out what World Bank Scholarship has to offer.World Bank Scholarship

There are two main sources of funding for the World Bank scholarship:

1) Joint Japan Scholarship, A World Bank Scholarship Programme 

This scholarship is not restricted to any gender or nationality. It’s open for professionals with relevant professional experience for their application to the Master Degrees programs.

Joint Japan provides a choice of over 200 programs. It also provides over 14 partners program to study in the universities of USA, Africa, and Japan. The main study areas of the scholarship include Infrastructure Management, Tax Policy, and Policy Management.

One condition attached to this scholarship is that the candidate is expected to give back by helping develop his home country after completing his studies. It’s necessary to contribute the acquired skills and knowledge to the communities of the origin.

2) Robert McNamara Scholarship

World Bank McNamara Scholarship provides support to candidates from developing countries. This scholarship was established in 1982. Today, it has over 2.8 million dollars fund, which was presented by countries, like Peru, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, China, Kuwait.

The program is open for Ph.D. professionals who seek further their studies and development in various economic studies.

Eligibility Criteria

Every year, the World Bank issues the guidelines for people who seek the opportunity to acquire this scholarship. Therefore, the candidates will need to meet the following criteria:

  • An applicant must be a national from a World Bank Developing country.
  • Applicants with dual citizenship are not allowed to take part.
  • Applicant must provide evidence of good health.
  • It’s necessary to hold a Bachelor degree which is earned at least three years prior to the day when a candidate sends the application.
  • A candidate should have at least three years of relevant development-rated work in the field of study.
  • It’s also necessary that a candidate is employed in any development related work which corresponds to the course of study that he /she chooses. There are also exceptions to this list. For instance, if a candidate comes from the conflict zone of the country, then the term of the related work experience for the application can be reviewed.
  • It’s necessary that a person who takes the scholarship or his/her close relative is not an Executive Director or Staff of the World Bank. There is no exception that can be made about this rule at all.

Application Process

The first thing that you need to do before applying for the scholarship is to get admission from accredited university. The admission letter should be provided alongside your application. There are hundreds of programs existing under the roof of the World Bank Scholarship. Still, you will need to choose the one that corresponds to you.

Keep in mind that it will take a while to process your application.

Selection Process

The overall selection process is very simple to undertake. Everything connected with a candidate will be evaluated. Two qualified assessors will undertake the task. They will evaluate and rate based on the following benchmark:

  • Professional experience will get 30% of the weight for your mark
  • Professional commitment to your home country will get 30% of the weight for your mark
  • Professional recommendations that will get 30% of the weight for your mark
  • The professional educational background that will get 30% of the weight for your mark.

World Bank Scholarship gives you a rare opportunity to develop your career in economic studies and change your world. Bear in mind you’re competing with several others and the stakes are very high.  So give it your best shot!