Western Union Foundation Scholarship Program | Apply Now

The Western Union Foundation Scholarship Program, also referred to as WU Scholars is a program that supports young people in their quest for post-secondary education. It offers one of the best opportunities for students to study anywhere in the world.Western Union Foundation Scholarship

The Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship awards the sum of $2500 for tuition. The scholarship is not limited to the institutions in the country from which a candidate comes from. It’s recommended to seek for admission outside your country of residence. Western Union Scholarship unites people from all around the world so that they can become better in their countries.

Western Union believes that education clears the path for a brighter future filled with economic opportunities. Therefore, it’s necessary to support young minds who pursue new knowledge. Education empowers leaders to change the world.

If you’re just finishing secondary school and would like to further your education to university level, be a part of WU Scholars. If you’re persistent and passionate for community development, if you desire to make the world a better place, WU Scholars has a soft spot for you. Let’s look at other eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for Western Union

  • The Western Union Scholarship 2018 is open for students from any country.
  • The choice of institution is not limited to the country origin of a person as long it’s accredited.
  • All applicants must pursue a degree in one of the following fields to get the scholarship:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business
    • Mathematics
    • Engineering
    • Technology
    • Science
  • The applicants who wish to obtain the scholarship must be between the ages of 18 – 26 years.
  • All applications are to be submitted in English. Nevertheless, translation services can also be used by candidates. It’s created to help non-English speakers to submit the application. A candidate will not get a penalty for any basic mistakes.
  • A candidate must provide the admission letter from an accredited post-secondary institution. The scholarship that a candidate receives will be paid to the institution that he/she has chosen.
  • It’s necessary to provide a letter of recommendation from a mentor, professor or teacher. The education specialists can’t submit an application on your behalf. It’s also necessary to use a recommendation from a respected person in your community.
  • The scholarship will not be used to get an advanced degree in education. That means students pursuing MSc, MA, Ph.D., JD and so on should not apply for this scholarship
  • Immediate family member of a person who works for Western Union (it includes western Union officers, affiliated and non-affiliated entities, Western Union agents) are not eligible to participate in the program.

Other employees or their families who are not in the prohibited categories are more than welcome to apply if they meet the requirements.

Western Union Scholarship Deadline

The application period usually starts in March and ends in April. In 2018, it was March 8th – April, 30th. The candidates receive the notification about their results in July.

So, if you just graduated from secondary school this year, apply for admission in a higher institution right away so you can position yourself for the scholarship next year!