Airtel Unlimited Night Plan | How To Subscribe

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan | How To Subscribe

When free midnight calls was first introduced by various network providers, people welcomed the idea with open arms and spent most of their night hours communicating with their loved ones. But then, it started to wear off. People didn’t see the need to spend the night time anymore, talking endlessly.Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

People hardly wake up now to make midnight calls. Network providers decided to come up with another idea – Night browsing. While you may not have someone to talk to all night, you can definitely achieve a lot with unlimited data all night. Airtel has made it very easy. They provide unlimited data from 12 am – 5 am for only N25. You can learn how to transfer data on mtn network.

Airtel Nigeria is the biggest provider of mobile services in Nigeria. Their network is stable in most parts of the country.  Back in 2016, Airtel released the most efficient and unlimited night plan. Recently, the company has replaced the Airtel Unlimited Night Plan with Airtel big and medium packages.

The new Airtel night plans last for 5 hours (from 12 a.m. till 5 a.m.) and big plan equals 1.5Gb for the price of N200, while the medium plan is 500Mb for the price of N25.

Easy steps to subscribe new Airtel Night Plans in 2018

In order to subscribe to Airtel night plans, you must be on Airtel Smart Trybe plan if you are not, then dial *312# and choose to reply with button “1” to connect to Airtel Smart Trybe plan.

Once you are done with that, you are ready to choose your Airtel Night Plan. If you want to go with a medium plan, then pay only 25 Naira for 500MB and the following step should be taken to subscribe.

Dial *312#, after that, choose 3, and lastly reply with the button 1.

For the big plan, you are supposed to pay 200 Naira and get 1.5GB.

Dial *312#, then choose 3 and in the end, choose the option 2.

Both large and medium plans are very good deals. Get all set with new Airtel night plan and enjoy Airtel night browsing.