Discover International Jobs In Canada For Foreigners In 2018

If given the opportunity, many Nigerians will prefer to work abroad. Canada is usually on top of the list of countries that people will like to work in due to obvious reasons. Canada is highly developed and industrialized. But we all know that a Canadian visa is not easy to get. So, how can one discover jobs in Canada?jobs in canada

You can discover job openings in Canada without visiting through Networking Agencies and Online Resources. Some people go to Canada with a temporary resident visa and during the time in the country they check out the work situation, or maybe even get employment. The other way is to work as a student. If you are accepted into Canada as a student there are on campus, off campus and after graduation job opportunities for you.

Let’s check out the online resources for finding jobs in Canada and learn about supporting programs for foreign job seekers.

Finding a Jobs In Canada

Here we have a list of websites where you can discover current job openings in Canada and apply;

1) Career



4) Simply Hired

5) Anglo Info

6) Working in Canada

7) Workopolis

8) Job Bank

9) Michael Page

10) eFinancialCareers

11) Overseas Jobs

12) Go Abroad

13) Linkedin

You can also visit to find more information about Visa application. There are also supporting programs for foreigner job seekers. One of the most trusted services is Immigration Canada Services. Highly trained experts can help with any enquiries related to the jobs in Canada. There are programs for full-time permanent or temporary employment.

Another such popular program is TFWP (Temporary foreign worker program). This is a program of government that allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers. The program started in 1973 for high-skill workers, but in 2004 it was opened for “low-skilled workers” category. In 2013, more than 338,000 workers were invited to Canada on the terms of this program. According to the program directors, the workers have the same employment rights as Canadians.

Among the most in-demand workers, there are Information Technology (IT) workers, mineworkers, oil-field workers, farm-help workers, restaurant workers.

Top 10 high-skilled international job opportunities in Canada

The professionals with high-priority skills are always in demand, the Canadian Government even developed Fast-Track entry system for such specialists. The top 10 high-skilled international job opportunities in Canada include:

1) Cardiology technologists

2) Respiratory therapist

3) Geoscientist and oceanographers

4) Engineers: chemical, petroleum, mining, aerospace, geological.

5) Mining / Geological Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Aerospace Engineer.

6) Land Surveyors

7) Audiologists and speak-language pathologist.

The specialists of this field are expected to receive: Hourly: C$20.27 – C$49.44. Annual: C$48,936 – C$98,278.

8) Occupational therapists. Working environments include hospitals, schools, care facilities and social services.

9) Medical Sonographer.

10) Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists assistants.

Top 10 “low skilled” international jobs in Canada

Here we also have the list of most in-demand low skilled jobs in Canada presently.

1) General laborer

The term is related to a variety of jobs mostly in logistics and manufacturing. The pay is hourly.

2) Sales representative

3) Accountant

4) Engineering project manager

These are the specialists who know how to manage people in company, and how to build stuff.

5) Business analyst

6) Customer service representative

7) Customer relationship management (CRM)

8) IT project manager

9) Software engineer

10) Forklift operators.