Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Cashew Nuts In Pregnancy

Cashew nuts is a nutritious and delicious snack enjoyed by many. It is a by-product that is more important commercially than the fruit itself. Anyone can take this nut except people that are allergic to nuts. Whether it’s safe for pregnant women or not is the bone of contention here.Cashew nuts

When you’re carrying a baby in the womb, it’s not just about you anymore, you have to consider the safety of your baby before you indulge in anything. But there is no need to exclude cashew nuts from your diet during pregnancy. The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. The nut is rich in several elements such as:

  • Vitamins: Cashew nuts are rich in vitamin B, as well as A, PP, E, K, D.
  • Minerals: The complex of macro and microelements includes potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine, selenium and other compounds.
  • Fatty acids, including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.
  • Amino acids, proteins, starch, natural sugars, fiber.

Cashew nuts also contain other trace elements.

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts During pregnancy

The nut has a lot of health benefits to offer to you and your baby such as:

  • Maintaining the normal development of the future baby, being rich in vitamin E, which is often prescribed in women’s clinics, as an obligatory supplement to the nutrition of the mother.
  • Maintaining and strengthening bone tissue in women and the developing fetus.
  • Natural stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Positive effect on the functions of the heart weight control.
  • Prevention of anemia or low hemoglobin, which is a frequent phenomenon in pregnancy.
  • Stabilization of pressure at inflated rates. Strengthening blood vessels, muscle fibers.
  • Reduces the likelihood of seizures, numbness in legs.
  • Prevention of avitaminosis, a deficiency of minerals necessary for the normal development of the future baby and the normal state of the mother.
  • Prevention of gum disease, strengthening of teeth due to antimicrobial action, the presence of a number of trace elements.
  • The calming effect. Frequent consumption reduces nervousness, normalizes sleep, and helps in the improvement of brain activity, memory.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Cashews are quite nutritious, but they do not contribute to a set of extra pounds.

Any side effects of cashew nuts during pregnancy?

Well, just like every healthy substance, taking too much can do you more harm than good. You need to be mindful of the quantity and rate of consumption. Don’t follow your craving and abuse it as it can cause side effects such as digestive disorders.

If you’re allergic to nuts, you need to stay away from cashew nuts even when pregnant. Allergic reactions to components contained in nuts may arise. The same happens with individual intolerance.

If you’re suffering from chronic kidney disease or the presence of stones, please stay away from nuts.

During pregnancy, any poor quality product or feed can be harmful to health. You risk poisoning by bacteria, putrefactive microorganisms and other consequences of spoiled nuts.

How to get maximum health benefits of cashew nuts

To get the best out of cashew nuts, note and follow the rules below:

  1. Buy only quality nuts. You can evaluate the product in appearance, structure. Nuts should not be wrinkled, no raids are allowed, especially in the form of mold. The color is light, the surface is smooth.
  2. Store them in a closed container in a dark and cool place. An excellent option is a refrigerator or freezer, especially when a significant amount of cashew was purchased for stock. If the nuts lie for a long time, especially in a warm or open place, then such a product is no longer fits for consumption.
  3. Daily allowance should not exceed 30 grams, this is approximately 15-18 pieces of nuts. It is recommended to divide the portion for a whole day and eat nuts as a light snack. It is also better not to mix with other ingredients such as sweets.
  4. For better digestion and maximum benefit, each nut must be thoroughly chewed, it is not recommended to eat the whole handful at once.
  5. You need to start with a few nuts, and then bring the portion to 30 grams. To prevent unpleasant situations, future mothers can consult with a doctor beforehand.