How To Write Nysc Request Letter

 Nysc Request Letter: The best time to recruit young talents with fresh and unharnessed potentials is during the one-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps. You will find the best of the best in various States of the country.

If you have an Intern position, now would be the best time to go for them. You can place an advert for intending NYSC members to apply and when you get the right candidate, you need to write to NYSC requesting for that person in particular. If you don’t have anybody, you can still write to NYSC to send any candidate that meets your specifications. You can learn how to print your NYSC Green card here.

The NYSC Request Letter is a formal letter so it should follow the same format. The letter should be written and addressed formally to the National Youth Service Corps State Coordinator.Nysc Request Letter Don’t make it lengthy. Be persuasive but polite. You can use A4 or your company letter-headed paper. This way you can expect them to reply to your letter with a positive as soon as possible. The letter can contain just two paragraphs viz:

Opening paragraph – This part will contain a short description of your Nigerian company. Use a couple of more sentences to state the request for NYSC members posting and clearly explain why you are asking for their help.

Closing paragraph – it is better to try and call for action. Remember, be persuasive but polite. State clearly the date by which you would be happy to receive the reply explaining your reasons.

NYSC Request Letter Sample

The State Coordinator


City or State

Date with year

Dear Mr. Name,

Request Letter

I am writing to request an NYSC member (Member’s Full Name) with the call-up number (NYSC details about this member) and State code (the correct details) to serve in our company. (Describe your company in 1 sentence). Our management believes his/her posting to our firm will be helpful and useful to us.

We appeal to your kind consideration on our request. I await your kind response on or before (state date and reason).

With best regards,

Your-full-name and Position


Your company contacts (email, phone number)

Your organization/business address


This is just a sample. You can tailor it to meet your needs.