Learn How To Play Golden Chance Lotto Online

Lotto is a game of chance; you could win big or lose it all. Golden Chance Lotto is one of the leading lotto firms in Nigeria. The lotto has a user-friendly interface and rules that are easy to follow. You can also play with the assurance that you will get paid whenever you win. Golden Chance lotto (unlike many other Nigerian companies) allows betting for both local citizens and foreign visitors. Golden Chance LottoThe company has the license issued by Lagos, Ondo, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, and Ekiti State governments. The company also boasts of more than 11 thousand lottery point-of-sale-terminals in the Southwestern part of the country. People engage in this activity a lot because they can access it online using their mobile devices.

How To Play Golden Chance Lotto

As mentioned earlier, you can Golden Chance Lotto online. You need a computer or laptop, a tablet device or smartphone and a fast Internet connection. Just follow the simple steps below to play:

  • Go to official Golden Chance lotto website at https://www.winnersgoldenchance.com/ to place bets on the web.
  • You will find the main menu with tabs such as ‘Play,’ ‘Payments,’ ‘Contact Us’ and ‘’ You are advised to read all the questions and answers, learn about the payment process and access online lotto in Nigeria through ‘Play’ menu button.
  • Register a profile. You will be asked to enter your real cell phone number. This is how you are able to play the games on your phone.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, you are not eligible to participate. After you have created your profile you need to log in with your login details (login and password).

You cannot play the game without funds. Therefore, you have to add funds to your account. There are two main ways to fund your account and play a game:

1) Bank transfer: All FCMB branches allow adding money to your account. You’ll have to name the deposit as your ‘username’ (used on the website in your profile). It is important to use the right account name (Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited) and number (0137594293 (FCMB)).

2) Webpay: You can use InterSwitch to add the deposit, but it is important to be logged into your account to do so.

  • Once you have added a deposit, you can choose the type of the lotto game you would like to play from the ‘Play’ menu on the site. Some of the titles are Bravo, Tango, Fortune, Bonaza, Better Life and others. You can find these games on the left.
  • You will see the available to play-now games under ‘Today’s Game’ It shows the closed games for the day and games you can play (if you are in time for the draw).
  • Choose your type of the bet called NAP. Think of how many Golden Chance lotto numbers you wish to choose.
  • Each betslip has the field in the corner where you can type in your stake-per-line and you can always enjoy multi-betting through ‘Add’
  • Place as many bet combinations as you wish. Wait for the drawing and see the results.


How To Check The Results

You can do this by clicking on any name of the games you played and choosing the date in the right column under ‘WINNING NUMBER’ menu. You will see all the winning numbers for all the games played that day. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky to see your numbers on this list and win some cash.

Golden Chance Lotto winning numbers

You can select 3 Direct and 2 Sure numbers.

The names speak for themselves. In 3-Direct you should select 3 numbers (for example, 01-02-25) and if they are among the winning 5 numbers – you are lucky. In 2-Sure you have to choose 2 pairs (for example, 17-31) and if they come among the winning 5 numbers – you have won. There are many different methods of playing online. Create your own strategy and remember to play smartly.