Linda Ikeji’s Contact Details

Linda Ikeji’s Contact Details: Linda Ikeji is arguably the richest and most popular blogger in Nigeria. Her blog is followed by millions of people, home and abroad. She also has a lot of followers on various social media networks. Due to this large online audience, people often utilize her platform for advertising.

Millions of Nigerians as a matter of fact, cannot step out in the morning by checking Linda Ikeji blog for the latest news and celebrity gossips amongst other interesting subjects.

Besides running a blog, Linda also has her own social media network known as Linda Ikeji Social, an online television as well as a radio broadcasting network.Linda Ikeji's Contact

When people become so popular, it’s often hard to contact them through a direct telephone line. They often keep such information private to maintain sanity.

To contact Linda Ikeji or to draw her attention, you need to follow her on social media;  if that doesn’t get you what you want, you have two more options: send her an email or visit her office.

The need to contact Linda Ikeji directly may vary from official to personal but whatever your case may be, her response may not be as swift as you expect. Unless, of course, it’s worth her personal attention, you may never get it.

Here are various ways you can contact Linda Ikeji:

  • On Facebook – Linda Ikeji
  •  Blog  –   Linda Ikeji Blog
  • On Twitter – @lindaikeji
  • On Instagram – @officiallindaikeji
  • Through email[email protected]

                             [email protected]

                        [email protected]

  • Through her office – Plot 29 Busola Durusimi Etti Dr., Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

You can utilize any option you prefer depending on how sensitive and urgent your matter is. She will probably have people managing her online presence. However, if your case is compelling enough to deserve her attention, you will get it.