Top 13 Sites For Downloading Nollywood Movies

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Top 13 Sites For Downloading Nollywood Movies

The question has always been about were to Downloading Nollywood Movies. There are several sites where you can find foreign movies but when it comes to Nigerian movies, you won’t find much. Popular sites such as YouTube only gives you the opportunity to watch them online.

Streaming full movies for about two hours online can drain your monthly data subscription in a day. The downloading of the movie not only save data but gives you the chance to own it and watch it offline, over and over again. If you’re looking for sites where you can download Nollywood movies for free, you will find them below.

Downloading Nollywood Movies

  • Iroko TV: This is one of the best sites for watching and downloading Nollywood movies. Wikipedia calls it, the world’s biggest storage and distributor of movies produced in African countries. You will find any kind of Nollywood movie you’re looking for there. There are certain movies you can download for free but if you want to get the latest, just pay a little subscription fee.
  • NaijaPals: This is a popular one too. NaijaPals offers you access to a huge collection of Nollywood movies. You can download any movie you like for free. Downloading Nollywood Movies here is as easy as. You’re also allowed to chose the quality, the higher the quality, the higher the size. So, it will only cost you data and nothing more.
  • com gives you access to plenty of free contents including Nollywood movies, TV series, video clips, and so much more.
  • Loaded Baze is a website that is designed for mobile downloads. It is safe and has more than 700,000 active subscribers.
  • My Nollywood is another site where you can find and download Nollywood movies while keeping tabs on current happenings. It is both entertaining and insightful.
  • Nigerian Movies: Do you want to download movies on your PC as well as your phone? Nigerian Movies is the website for you. It has several Nollywood movies including Igbo and Yoruba contents.
  • Nollywood Database is loved for its simplicity. The website offers practically no additional features except safe and reliable access to Nollywood movie files.
  • Guruslodge is for lovers of Yoruba movies. The site provides access to high quality Yoruba movies.
  • Naija Library is another Yoruba-rich resource, a secure platform for all genres of Nollywood Yoruba movies.
  • CodedTV is yet another popular website for Yoruba movies.
  • Proudly Nations gives access to Nollywood movies for free download on mobile devices.
  • Nollyloaded: Yoruba Nollywood movies as well as foreign movies are available for download here.
  • Unity Mobile contains your favorite Nollywood movies. Though you will find high-quality contents here, downloading is rather slow and takes more time than other sites listed here.
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