National Unity And Peace Corps | What Does Their Uniform Color And Symbols Stand For?

The National Unity and Peace Corps is a body that promotes peace, harmony and progress in the affairs of the nation Nigeria. They play a mediatory role between the government and the people. They have a peculiar uniform with symbols that signify values they hold dear. We will examine them shortly.Peace Corps

This organization was founded by Professor Humphrey Ogoegbunam in 1988, but the corps was approved in 1992. Their uniform has remained almost the same since it was approved by the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The National Unity and Peace Corps wears a dark brown uniform with attributes similar to the military uniform. One can clearly see the logo on the head of the staff. It includes symbols, like the Wreath, Open Book, Torch and Red Flame. Moreover, it also includes the main colors – Green, Yellow, and Red. Let’s find out what these symbols and colors represent:

  • The Torch stands for National Unity
  • The Red Flame stands for Strict Discipline
  • The Book and Wreath stands for Academic Excellence
  • The Green Color represents Rejuvenation
  • The Yellow Color represents National Integration
  • The Red Color stands for Strict Discipline

Every piece of clothing obviously represents the organization’s sacred duty to Nigerian citizens, which is to promote peace and unity. Now, you can understand why they wear it with so much pride.