List Of Telecommunication Companies In Nigeria

Human communication from the neolithic era has been faced with the task of reaching out to many people outside their boundary of communication. It evolved from face to face communication to inter, group, gong inter alia,  but the emergence of telecommunication changed human communication, as it satisfied the need of communicating in real time no matter the location. 

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How To Check MTN Data Bundle For Android

MTN Data Bundle: Android phone users will quickly point to MTN as the network with highest coverage. MTN has a wide array of data plans and it keeps getting better. You can now borrow data from MTN just like you borrow credit and you even have the option to buy night plans if you’re a night browser.

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How To Transfer Data On MTN Network

Transfer Data On MTN

Transfer Data On MTN: Share and sell is a known term for transferring credit to your loved ones or selling credit from your prepaid account. Now, one of the best gifts you can give your friend is to share your data. Almost everyone is using an internet-enabled phone, so the gift of data will be well appreciated.

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