Why I Used Tipper As My Wedding Vehicle- Victor Osuagwu

Victor Osuagwu: When Nigerians in 2014 were greeted with the pictures of Imo state born comic actor Victor Osuagwu, they all thought it was a set from a movie he was acting.

But the comic actor has come up to reveal that it wasn’t a movie set, that the incident was his real wedding to his heart rob Roseline.

Victor who is the chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN),  Lagos state chapter, spoke In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, where he reiterated, “I felt very fulfilled using a tipper truck as my wedding vehicle because that was my target, I never thought of anything less than what happened on that day.

Some people thought the picture was from a movie set but a lot of people knew it was my wedding. It was a long journey going to the reception and we caused a heavy traffic in town.

It was not that I did not have the good cars or I did not have the money to rent lovely cars but people that know me are aware that I am a crazy entertainer and I wanted to show the world another part of me.”

“I wanted to carry over entertainment from the television to reality. My wife never knew I was going to do that even Francis Duru who was my best man. When we came out of the church, people just noticed that there was a well-decorated truck but nobody knew what was going on.

People thought the lorry was there to convey goods until my wife told me that we should go in the car as her leg was aching because of the shoe she wore. When she asked which of the cars we were to use, I pointed at the lorry. She was so surprised and it was one of the biggest shocks of her life. She was dumbfounded.

Francis Duru overheard what I told my wife and had to ask the same question and I told him it was the lorry my wife and I would ride in. I told everyone to enter all the available SUV’s but that we would arrive at the reception in the tipper truck.

All my wife said was, ‘this is going to be great but how would I climb into it?’ the vehicle was not an ordinary lorry but a double hassle truck, the big one. When we got to the lorry, the people brought a ladder for her to climb into the lorry.”