Zobo Drink – Health Benefits and Side Effects

Zobo drink also known as Hibiscus tea or Karkade, is a healthy drink loved by many. It’s highly nutritious and readily replaces carbonated drinks. It is easy to prepare so you can be sure of what you’re taking.

Zobo has many health benefits which will be outlined shortly. But you also need to know that it has its disadvantages too. Given that Zobo is a natural drink made from plant, people blindly consume it without a single thought that it can cause harm when taken under some conditions. First, let’s consider the health benefits of this sweet drink.

zobo drinkHealth Benefits Of Zobo Drink

  • It is packed with Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system.
  • It aids in digestion and helps reduce body weight.
  • It helps cure hypertension by reducing blood pressure.
  • It prevents early aging.
  • It helps your liver to function properly.
  • It has a number of antibacterial properties.
  • It helps to reduce body temperature (so it can be helpful during hot seasons).
  • It helps lessen menstrual pain.
  • It can even treat depression in early stages.

Side Effects Of Zobo Drink

Obviously, Zobo comes with a lot of health benefits but beware of the following side effects.

  • It reduces the number of oestrogen in your body

Drinking Zobo on a regular basis, can slow down the process of oestrogen production. So, if you are having the issue of irregular menstruation, you need to stay away from Zobo completely or reduce your intake. Zobo stimulates menstrual flow so it can stimulate it when you least expect. Moreover, women taking birth control pills need to stay away from this drink too, because of its specific properties.

  • It prevents pregnancy

Since we know that Zobo affects your oestrogen levels, it can apparently reduce your chances of getting pregnant. This fact is scientifically proven. So, if you are planning to conceive a child, then you need to let go of this drink for the meantime. Also, when you eventually get pregnant, taking Zobo in the early stages of pregnancy is not advisable as well.

  • It affects the blood pressure

While Zobo is beneficial for those suffering from hypertension, it’s not safe for those with hypotension or low blood pressure. Zobo lowers the blood pressure so if yours is already too low, this drink is not for you.

  • It might cause hallucinogenic signs

You might feel light-headed after taking a large quantity of zobo drink. The thing is that all the properties combined in it can lead to intoxication. So, if you work as a driver or drive a lot, then having hibiscus tea is not the best idea. Some people even reported getting hallucinogenic signs after drinking it on a regular basis. So, you need to exercise caution while you drink.

  • It might make you less productive

Given how this drink works in your body, it makes your body slow down a little. And as a result, you do less work in the same amount of time you used to. So, hibiscus tea is great if you need to give your body some rest. But in case you want to stay productive, then you should probably substitute it with some other drink.