The Most Expensive Car In Nigeria – Who Is Driving It?  

Most Expensive Car In Nigeria: Celebrities and wealthy people that are making millions are often seen competing with one another. They want to drive the more expensive cars, they want to build the most beautiful houses, they want to use the most expensive gadgets.

And you find bloggers and the press obsessing about these things and getting the price tag for everything a superstar is using, even their slippers.Most Expensive Car In Nigeria

When we talk about cars, we have heard a lot of stories concerning the expensive cars these celebrities use and buy for their girlfriends and baby mamas. But you haven’t seen anything yet, do you know who is driving the most expensive car in Nigeria?

The Price Of The Most Expensive Car In Nigeria

Someone says you cannot count yourself a millionaire if your self-worth is not up to one million dollars. Come to think of it, Senior Managers in some companies makes up to a few million bucks in a month yet they are not recognized as millionaires. Because there are celebrities and yahoo boys that can make someone’s salary in a day. So, when we talk of the most expensive car in Nigeria, you can be sure it worths more than a few million.

The most expensive car spotted in Nigerian streets Worth’s about N350,000,000. Now, that is mind-blowing! Am sure you can think of a million things to do if you lay your hands on such amount of money. Yet, someone used it to buy a car without batting an eyelid.

What is the make of this car?

This car is Bugatti Veyron, a luxurious vehicle that impresses with its appearance and technical characteristics. This is definitely something everyone would love to own and keep in their garage if only wishes were horses.

Who owns the most expensive car in Nigeria?

Well, there’s no answer to this question. The Bugatti Veyron has a yet unidentified owner who’s not a celebrity. There’s a version that he (or she) may be some incredibly wealthy yahoo boy who doesn’t want to reveal his identity but who wants to impress the society with the power of money.

Maybe, in some time, the owner of this vehicle will become known and yet, there’s another vehicle in Nigeria that can be named among the most expensive cars – the mighty Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s said to cost about N200,000,000. Its alleged owner is Oba Saheed Elegushi. The youngest of Ikate Land kings in Lagos is said to have received this vehicle last year.

Celebrities have yet another mark to scamper for. Some yahoo boys also will not rest until they beat this record.