Pre-Colonial Administration in Yoruba Land


Pre-Colonial Administration in Yoruba Land: Every culture has its origin. If you want to understand why things are the way they are now, you’re often advised to go back to your roots. It is common knowledge that Nigeria is made up of three basic cultures: Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba.

The Yorubas carry themselves with pride and have not allowed the basics of their culture to be swept away by modernization. They hold their culture and traditions in high esteem. But where did they really come from? What was Yoruba land like during the pre-colonial administration?

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History Of Okrika Clothes In Nigeria


Okrika, second-hand, used clothes, bend-down-select, these are some of the names used to refer to imported clothing that is not new. The opposite would be ready-made clothes because they have never been worn by anyone else, it’s new. Okrika derived its name from the Port where it used to be delivered in Nigeria which happened to bear the name Okrika.

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Let Her Know How You Feel | Top 10 Love Messages

Love Messages

Top 10 Love Messages:- Sending the right message has a way of melting even the strongest hearts and increases the affection between two parties. You can show your partner how much you love and appreciate them through love messages. This has a way of conveying the deepest feelings, giving your love a peek at your heart. If she’s proving hard to get, love messages can make her have a change of heart. If you guys are already in love, the more reason to make your bond stronger.

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What You Need to Know About Botcho Cream

The woman’s hip is one of her unique selling points. A curvy figure will always get heads turning. That’s why women go out of their way and comfort to increase their natural quota.

Let’s talk about body science. The bottom or nyash or booty consist of muscles, connective tissues, and subcutaneous fat, covered with the skin we see.

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Quick Steps To Making Shea Butter At Home

Shea butter is a long known remedy for stunted hair. It prevents hair loss by softening even the toughest hairs and also plays a major role in hair growth. If you’re growing your natural hair or your baby’s and you’re always struggling to comb it, just a touch of Shea butter can soften the hair making it appear silky and easy to comb.

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Wrestling: See The WWE Money In The Bank 2018 Results


WWE Money In The Bank 2018: Wrestling is an interesting show enjoyed by many. Some say it’s the fight and smackdowns that makes it so appealing. Many bets for their favorite players and matches.

Money in the Bank is a wrestling match with ladders. It has been holding in WWE since 2005. Initially, the match took place at WrestleMania.

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